List of Top 5 Side Hustles for Side Hustlers

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As you’re already well aware, having one source of income is just not enough. The cost of living continues to rise, rent and housing are still too damn expensive, and unemployment rates are at 14.7% (as of April 2020) and climbing.

Fortunately for us, we now have many opportunities to put extra simoleans in our pockets, most of which can be done from home.

If you’re reading this, then you may have already seen plenty of ‘gig and side hustle’ suggestion articles. Believe it or not, there’s more out there than being an Uber driver, a YouTube personality, or creating a dropshipping site.

So I’ve gathered a list of side hustle ideas that I think aren’t mentioned enough. Whether you’re a day trading Uber driver or candle making personal assistant, I think this list will give you some fresh ideas.

1. Resume Writing

If you have about 2 to 3 hours available, you can easily make anywhere between $50 to $150 for writing a resume. Resume writing is a great side hustle and an even greater business venture if you are skilled enough, especially now since there is a higher rate of unemployment. 

What’s great about resume writing is that you can.

  1. Do it remotely.
  2. Start with virtually no money.

Now understand that it’s not as simple as taking someone’s resume and slapping on a new font and changing the color. Depending on the industry the person is in, it will take your time to research it so that you are writing their resume correctly. You may also need to re-write it, edit, or make changes based on the client’s needs.

Getting Started 

It’s not hard to get started. The best way to start, in my experience, is to work on your own resume. Then once you do that, ask a friend or family member to work on theirs. 

Research resume templates online, or better yet, take the time to learn and create your own in your favorite word processor application. You should also research creative writing techniques and make yourself familiar with action verbs.

Once you feel comfortable and confident in your writing, place some ads on craigslist, and wait for the customers to contact you.

This was a side hustle I did off and on for a few years, and I was able to pay my rent while I pocketed the cash from my day job. 

A word of advice, if you choose to write resumes and you’re good at writing them, do not join these major resume writing companies you see on job boards. I won’t go into detail in this article, but maybe sometime in the future, I’ll write about it. 

Either way, you’ll be better off doing it on your own. 

To help you with some pointers, take a look at the List of 4 Easy Tips for Improving your Resume.

2. Mobile Notary

What is a Mobile Notary? They’re a Notary Public on wheels. What is a Notary Public? They are an official of integrity appointed by the state government to help deter fraud and serve the public as an impartial witness to the signing of important documentation.

In other words, the notary is a witness to the signing of documentation, verifies the identity of the signer(s), ensures their awareness of the contents of the document, and verifies their willingness to sign the documents.

I haven’t done this personally, but I know a few people who do and have made an upward to $1500 a month (that’s on the low end).

Now, I know it sounds like a, “I know a guy, who knows a guy that made $3000 in a month.”. I promise you that’s not the case.

Generally, a mobile notary may charge $25-$30 for travel, and between $5-$10 per signature. If a notary public needs to make a late-night call, they may charge an extra $15-$20. Or if a loan signing needs to be notarized, they may charge around $125. 

Getting Started as a Notary Public

I suggest you visit the National Notary Association to review the requirements of becoming a notary in your state.

There is a small startup cost for training (depending on your state) and being insured. But the small amount of investment in yourself will more than make up the money you can earn in the long run doing this.

3. E-mail Management

Yes, this is a thing. Yes, people do pay for this. If you have an e-mail (I don’t know why you wouldn’t at this point), you probably have at least 15 million e-mails in your inbox.

If you’re like me, you probably have your e-mails unfiltered because it’s a lot of effort to sort through it all. There are professionals where their only job is to read and filter e-mails, all the while keeping their inbox clean.

Amazing huh?

Pay rates may vary depending on the number of e-mails that need organizing, base hourly rates, and client consultations. I’ve seen services range from $5 to up to $50.

4. Flipping

Virtually anything can be flipped. Usually, people think too small when it comes to flipping items, like sneakers, shirts, pants, etc.

But let’s think outside the box a bit more.

Think of a niche product that requires a high demand. It could be a pet-related item, or maybe a health aide item. 

Here is where you’ll need to use some brainpower on what item you’d want to try and flip.

To give you some ideas, I’ve heard of people flipping diabetes strips, videogame controllers, and even those POP! figurines.

Remember to do your research on a product you want to flip by comparing prices on all of the major shopping platforms. You will want to find a price discrepancy between the shopping platforms. 

For example:

Let’s say the item we want to flip is a ferret hammock (random I know).  Comparing the price of it between eBay and Amazon, we see that the hammock sells for $8.99 on eBay.

Whereas on Amazon, the same brand of hammock may sell for $15.99.

At this point, you’d make a $7.00 profit on your flip!

You may not think this is much, but those small sales do add up and before you know it, you’ll have a couple of hundred dollars in profits.

5. Creating Tutorials

If you’re skilled in a particular field or knowledgeable on a certain topic, you should try creating tutorials.

The beauty of it all is that you have multiple avenues to monetize your tutorials, whether it be through YouTube or creating a blog.

Many people find success in creating tutorials and hosting them on sites such as,, and

What is great about this is that you can set your own prices for your tutorials. Of course, they need to be reasonable, but if your tutorial is informative and fulfills a particular need, you will have no issues receiving profits.


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