What is QuestLists?

Every person has their life journey to travel, and throughout our journey, we have a series of quests to accomplish.

A “Quest” would be either earning your driver’s license, graduating from high school, graduating from college, getting a job, saving $1000, buying a home.

Some quests are easier than others, but for the quests you are having trouble completing, we’ll try and help you complete them.

The Purpose?

We understand that life can throw some unexpected Goombas our way and keep us from rescuing the Princess in the castle.
We have “Lists” of guides, tips, tricks, and cheat codes to help you on your journey.

If you’re trying to save $1000 in two months, we’ve got you covered. Are you a side hustler looking for extra side hustles? We’ve got some ideas for you. Maybe you’re trying to find ways to handle your finances better? We ways to help you with that too!

With what is transpiring in the world today, there is a lot of uncertainty. But just remember, you have agency over your life, and there are always ways to improve it so that you can be happy and secure.

We will help you with new ways to get additional income, improve your finances, and help you with making yourself marketable in the job market.

All in all, thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We hope that you find it helpful.

So throw on your green tunic, grab your buster sword, and your satchel full of simoleans, and let’s get started!

You have agency over your life,
Agency over your quest.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Join us so that you can stay up to date on new ways to improve your finances, career, and overall well being.
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